“Forest3D”: a python package for processing forest lidar data

Forest3D is a Python package for processing forest lidar data. It was developed by the digital ecosystem lab from institute of botany, Chinese academy of science. The purpose of Forest3D is providing a simple tool to deal with lidar data from different scanning platforms, e.g. airborne lidar scanners, terrestrial laser scanners and backpack lidar scanners. It will continually update and provide the function to generate the basic lidar products and forest parameters. In current version, Forest3D only works well in the Windows platform and deals with airborne lidar data.

The Forest3D include following functions:

  • Preprocess:
    • filter
    • denoise
    • normalize
  • Basic lidar products:
    • digital elevation model (DEM)
    • digital surface model (DSM)
    • canopy height model (CHM)
  • Forest parameters:
    • canopy cover
    • gap fraction
    • leaf area index(LAI)
  • Single tree:
    • Watershed segmentation based on CHM
    • Point cloud segmentation (Li et al., 2012)

Next version, Forest3D will provide the method to deal with lidar from the terrestrial and backpack platform.