Qinghua Guo, Professor at Institute of Botany, CAS

Email: qguo@ibcas.ac.cn,

Tel: 86-010-62836157

He received the B.S. degree in environmental science and the M.S. degree in remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) from Peking University, Beijing and the Ph.D. degree in environmental science from the University of California, Berkeley. Before joining IBCAS, He was a full professor and founding faculty of the School of Engineering, University of California at Merced.  His recent research areas include GIS and remote sensing algorithm development as well as their environmental applications, such as remote sensing of environment, Lidar data processing, and environmental niche modelling. He has published more than 120 journal articles, and received multiple awards (e.g. ERADAS Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing, Talbert Abrams Award from American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing, and top 10 most cited papers over the past decades in International Journal of GIS). He is the PI on numerous projects funded by NSF, USGS, USFS, and Moore foundation. His research has been featured in several media such as Scientific American, Science360, Sacramento Bee, and CCTV.

Yanjun Su, Associate Professor

Email: ysu@ibcas.ac.cn,

Tel: (010)62836157

Dr. Yanjun Su received a B.E. degree majored in Surveying Engineering from China University of Geosciences (Beijing) in 2009, a M.S. degree majored in Geographic Information Science from Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 2012, and a Ph.D. degree majored in Environmental Systems from University of California Merced (UC Merced) in 2017.He has been an active researcher in the field of light detection and ranging (lidar) technology, remote sensing, spatial analysis, and their applications in ecosystem studies during last five years. So far, he has published over 20 peer-reviewed papers, and has been awarded the “William A. Fisher Memorial Scholarship” from the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, the “Southern California Edison Fellowship” from UC Merced, etc. He has actively served as a reviewer for journals in the field of remote sensing, such as International Journal of Remote Sensing, Remote Sensing.

Jin Liu, Assistant Researcher

Email: liujing1030@ibcas.ac.cn,

Tel: (010)62836157

I graduated from the Inner Mongolia University, received a Bachelor’s degree and graduated from Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, received a Doctor’s degree.My research focuses on utilizing near-surface remote sensing technology, such as UAV Lidar, to monitor and evaluate grassland biodiversity. I am currently interested in the interactions between different dimensional biodiversity (e.g. species diversity and functional diversity) and ecosystem multifunctionality under grazing disturbance pattern at the local landscape scale. Now I have published 10 scientific papers, including ecological mainstream SCI Journals, such as Applied Energy, Landscape Ecology, Ecological Research etc.

Guangcai Xu, Engineer

Email: xuguagncai@ibcas.ac.cn,

Tel: (010)62836157

I received a Bachelor’s degree and graduated from Chinese Academy of Forest. I mainly work on the UAV LiDAR development, multi-sensor intergration, multi-source remote sensing data fusion, LiDAR data processing and application of LiDAR in forestry.

Xiliang Sun,  Assistant Engineer

Email: sxl456852@ibcas.ac.cn,

Tel: (010)62836157

I mainly engages in photogrammetry, LiDAR, computer vision, multi-source data fusion processing, SLAM and development of other related algorithms and software.

Bingwei Yang, Assistant Engineer

Email: yangbw@ibcas.ac.cn,

Tel: (010) 62836591

I graduated from the Hebei University Of Engineering, received a Bachelor’s degree and graduated from Beijing University Of Civil Engineering And Architecture, received a master’s degree. I mainly works on application of LiDAR in terrain, forestry, electricity and other fields,and focus on development of related algorithms and software.

Tianyu Hu, Assistant Researcher

Email: tianyuhu@ibcas.ac.cn,

Tel: (010)62836157

I graduated from the China Agricultural University, received a Bachelor’s degree and graduated from Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, received a Doctor’s degree. I’m interested in using LiDAR and multi remote sensing to explorer and describe the forest ecosystem, and currently used LiDAR to derive structure parameters of forest ecosystem at different scales. I’m also interested in  mapping forest biodiversity, explorer the forest ecosystem change under climatic change and assess the severity of disturbance to forest system using remote sensing.

Yue Shi, Assistant

Email: shiyue0418@ibcas.ac.cn,

Tel: (010)62836157

I graduated from the University of Science and Technology Beijing. My work focuses on assisting in projects application, collecting data and materials, arranging travel and organizing student activities.

Shuxin Pang, Assistant Engineer

Email: pangshuxin@ibcas.ac.cn,


I graduated from the Northwest A&F University, received a Bachelor’s degree and graduated from Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, received a master’s degree.Focus on the integration of multi-source RS sensors and multi-source remote sensing data collection (LiDAR, Multispectrum, Hyperspectrum, thermal), now  research focused on the development and application of crops phenotypic platform.

Fangfang Wu, PhD Student

Email: wufangfang@ibcas.ac.cn,


I graduated from Inner Mongolia Normal University (Major in ecology). My research focus on the application of LiDAR based platforms for high-throughput crop phenotyping. Specifically using the multi-source data acquired by LiDAR, hyperspectral imager, camera and thermal imager to extract the parameters for breeders and agronomists.

Yumei Li, PhD Student

Email: liyumei@ibcas.ac.cn,


I graduated from Agricultural University of Hebei Province (Major in ecology). My reasearch focuses on retriving leaf area index (LAI ) based on Lidar and studying relevant theory. It mainly includes derivations of gap fraction, clumping index and leaf angle distribution using spatial, intensity and return information generated from Lidar, and finally generating highly accurate estimates of LAI.

Shichao Jin, PhD student 

Email: jinshichao1993@gmail.com


I graduated from Huazhong Agriculture University (Major in forestry). Currently, my research focus on discovering patterns of ecological model by using LiDAR and other multi-source remote sensing data. Moreover, I have done some segmentation algorithm work using machine learning and deep learning in plant phenotyping field. Thanks for all my instructors and laboratory Members. Hope I can better contribute to our lab.

Hongcan Guan, PhD student 

Email: guanhongcan@gmail.com


I received the B.E. degree majored in Remote Sensing Science and Technology from Wuhan University, the M.S. degree majored in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Academy of Opto-electronic, Chinese Academy of Sciences. My research focuses on the application of satellite remote sensing technology in vegetation mapping. And I am also interested in the fusion of multi-source point cloud data.

Qin Ma, PhD Student

Email: maqinlisa@163.com,


I graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University, I’m now doing the analysis of grassland data and learning plant phnotyping, neural network and other related knowledge.

Kexin Xu, Master Student Email: kexin_xu4ever@163.com, Tel:(010)62836591

I graduated from NorthWest Agriculture and Forestry University. I’m currently exploring the methods for estimate grassland biomass using lidar. Meanwhile, I’m studying the related algorithms of phenotype parameter extraction based on phenotype monitoring platform.

Shilin Song, Master Student Email: songsl@ibcas.ac.cn, Tel:(010)62836591

I graduated from China Agricultural University. Currently, I’m focusing on the application of LiDAR in phenotype, and the crossover study of genotype and phenotype.

Jing zhang, Master Student Email: eve.zhangj@gmail.com, Tel:(010)62836591

Graduated from Sichuan University (landscape garden), I‘m currently exploring new applications in combination with lidar technology in urban planning and landscape ecology( i.e. 3D landscape visualization;  digital landscape and BIM;  3D landscape Pattern evaluation). Meanwhile, I am interested in researches about artificial intelligence and urban planning, and I hope to explore related fields with my peers.

Qianhui Sun, Master Student Email: sunnnma@126.com, Tel:(010)62836591

I graduated from Sichuan Agricultural University. I am studying LiDAR data processing and application in forestry. And I am interested in the application of remote sensing in geological disaster monitoring.

Mohan Yang, Master Student Email: Eliza_mh@163.com, Tel: (010)62836591

Graduated from Northeast Forestry University, I’m currently processing terrestrial LiDAR data. At the same time, I am studying the related algorithms of automatic extraction of structural parameters of several branches and trunks based on terrestrial LiDAR.

Xiaoxia Zhao, Master Studen  Email: xxia_zhao@163.com, Tel: (010)62836591

I graduated from Inner Mongolia University(Major in ecology). I am interested in inverting grassland structure parameters using TLS and explore the relationship between spectra and structure parameters of grassland. I hope that with the help of everybody, I can complete the experiment in my interest and deepen my interest in the experiment.

Former Lab Members

Qin  Ma:Current Position: Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University
Baolin Xue: Current Position: Associate Professor, Beijing Normal University.
Yingying Zhang, Research interests: Biomass estimation.
Shengli Tao, Research interests: Forest Ecosystem using LiDAR.
Otto Alvarez. Dissertation Title: Understating Climate Change and The Impact on Biodiversity. Current Position: Senior GIS Specialist at AECOM.
Wenkai Li. Dissertation Title: Geographic Modeling with One-Class Data. Current Position: Associate Professor at Sun Yat-sen University.
Paul Doherty. Dissertation Title: The applications of GISystems to wilderness search and rescue, an overview within a GIScience context and examples from Yosemite National Park. Current Position: Senior GIS Technical Solutions Consultant at Eagle Technology.
Le Li, Research interest: Forest Biomass Estimation based on LiDAR and Optical Image.

Linhai Chen, Thesis Title: Key techniques of crop phenotypic parameters extraction – a case study of rice.
Gary Phelps. Thesis Title: A light detection and ranging (lidar) study of the Sierra Nevada. Current Position: Staff Software Engineer at GE Digital.
Jacob Flanagan. Thesis Title: Efficient Open Source Lidar for Desktop Users. Current Position: Director of Sales and Marketing at GreenValley International.