Qinghua Guo

Professor, Peking University.

Director, The Institute of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System, Peking University

Contact Details:

Email: guo.qinghua@pku.edu.cn




Ph.D. Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, UC-Berkeley

M.S. Institute of Remote Sensing and GIS, Peking University, China

B.S. Department of Urban and Environmental Science, Peking University, China

Research Interests

Geographic Information Science, Lidar application, Geographical One-class Data, Climate Change and Terrestrial Ecosystem.

Former Working Experience

Professor, Institute of botany, CAS

Assistant professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor, School of Engineering, University of California,  Merced

Professional Services

Adjunct Researcher, Sierra Nevada Research Institute,  University of California

President, Chinese Professional of Geographical Information Sciences

Associate Editor-in-Chief, Biodiversity Science

Deputy Director of the Research Center for UAV Applications and Regulations, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Awards and Group Memberships

Erdas Award for Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing: American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing

Second Honorable Mention recipients for the Talbert Abrams Award: American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing

Faculty Development Award: UC Merced

Student Honors Paper Competition (2nd place): Remote Sensing Specialty Group: 100th Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers

Carolyn Meek Scholarship: UC Berkeley

Jiu Ding-Xuan Scholarship: Peking University

Outstanding Youth Scientist Award: Peking University

Excellent Academic Scholarship: Peking University

Excellent Social Work Award: Peking University